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Feyenally developed a mobile app allowing you to test your eyes instantly just with your smartphone. No special hardware required. All you do is take a picture of each eye. We do the rest by analyzing your pictures with our neural networks.

Feyenally's innovation lies in its pioneering application, eyeTEST, which utilizes cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) to transform ordinary smartphones into powerful diagnostic tools for eye health. This technology marks a significant leap forward in the field of optometry, particularly in making eye care universally accessible and affordable.

Core Technology:

The core of Feyenally's innovation is the integration of advanced neural networks and machine learning algorithms that analyze images of the eye taken by a smartphone’s camera. Unlike traditional eye exams that require specialized equipment and the presence of an optometrist, eyeTEST enables users to perform an accurate eye examination anywhere at any time. The app analyzes the images for signs of refractive errors—such as myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism—and provides users with an immediate evaluation of their visual acuity.

Objective Testing Method:

One of the standout features of eyeTEST is its objective testing method. Traditional eye tests often rely on subjective input from patients, which can vary based on their perception and response. Feyenally's app eliminates this variability by using objective data captured directly from images, ensuring consistent and unbiased results. This method not only enhances the reliability of diagnoses but also paves the way for the early detection of other potential eye diseases.

Accessibility and Impact:

Feyenally’s technology significantly reduces the barriers to accessing eye care, especially in underserved areas where optometry services are scarce or non-existent. By leveraging widely available smartphone technology, eyeTEST makes it possible for individuals in remote or low-resource settings to monitor their vision health effectively. This accessibility can lead to early detection of vision issues, potentially preventing severe eye conditions and blindness, which are often treatable when caught early.

Scalability and Integration:

The app’s design is inherently scalable, allowing it to be easily updated and adapted to different languages and regions, enhancing its global applicability. Additionally, Feyenally’s platform includes features for healthcare providers, enabling them to access and manage patient data securely. This integration facilitates a continuum of care, allowing optometrists and healthcare professionals to remotely monitor their patients’ eye health and make informed treatment decisions.

Future Developments:

Looking ahead, Feyenally is committed to expanding the capabilities of eyeTEST. The company is exploring AI-driven predictive analytics to assess the risk of developing more severe eye conditions, such as glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy. Such advancements could further revolutionize the preventive healthcare landscape by enabling even earlier and more precise interventions.

Clinical Validation and Compliance:

Feyenally is actively engaged in clinical trials to validate the effectiveness and accuracy of its technology, adhering to rigorous standards for medical devices. The pursuit of FDA approval and CE marking is testimony to its commitment to compliance and safety.


Feyenally’s eyeTEST app exemplifies how innovative technology can intersect with practical application to meet critical healthcare needs. This innovation not only pushes the boundaries of traditional eye care but also reflects a broader shift towards more patient-centered, technology-driven healthcare solutions. By making eye care more accessible, Feyenally is not just improving vision but is also enhancing the quality of life for millions globally, underscoring the transformative power of health-tech innovation.


Company name / Nazwa firmy
Feyenally Sp. z o.o.
Company info / Opis firmy [1 000 words]
Feyenally is a health-tech startup revolutionizing the way eye care is accessed and delivered globally. Founded with the vision to democratize eye care, Feyenally leverages cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) technology to enable comprehensive eye exams through a simple smartphone application. Our flagship product, eyeTEST, provides an innovative, accessible, and cost-effective solution for diagnosing refractive errors like myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism from the comfort of one’s home.

Our mission is to provide universal access to eye care, especially in underserved and remote areas where traditional optometric services are scarce. By harnessing the power of technology, we aim to reduce barriers to eye care and prevent avoidable vision impairment and blindness worldwide.

eyeTEST App: Our primary offering, the eyeTEST app, uses smartphone cameras to capture images of the user’s eyes. These images are analyzed using advanced neural networks and machine learning algorithms to detect and diagnose common refractive errors. The app provides instant diagnostic results and recommendations for vision correction.

Our technology stack includes AI, data analytics, cloud computing, and mobile technology. The core of our innovation lies in our proprietary algorithms that accurately analyze eye images for signs of refractive errors. We continually update our algorithms and systems to improve accuracy and user experience, based on the latest research and user feedback.

Medical Device Certification: We are pursuing FDA approval and CE marking to ensure our app meets international standards for medical devices.
Awards and Recognition: Feyenally has been recognized in various health-tech competitions and has been featured in major industry reports as a top disruptor in healthcare.
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Poland / Polska
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Limited Liability Company LLC / Spółka Z O.O.
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Zdrowie / Health
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ul. Leszczyńskiego 4/25
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Social / Społeczna, Technological / Technologiczna, Science / Naukowa
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Global / Światowy
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Feyenally’s eyeTEST application is a groundbreaking innovation that leverages state-of-the-art artificial intelligence to transform ordinary smartphones into robust tools for accurate and accessible eye diagnostics. This pioneering solution is deserving of recognition and award for several compelling reasons:

1. Universal Accessibility:
Feyenally addresses a critical global health issue—lack of access to eye care. Over 1 billion people worldwide do not have adequate access to eye care services, primarily in low-resource settings and developing countries. By utilizing the ubiquitous smartphone, Feyenally makes eye health assessments accessible to anyone, anywhere. This democratization of eye care is not just innovative but a necessary step towards addressing global health disparities.

2. Advanced Technological Integration:
At the heart of Feyenally’s innovation is its sophisticated use of artificial intelligence and neural networks. These technologies analyze images of the eye taken by a smartphone to detect refractive errors and other potential eye conditions accurately. Unlike traditional methods that depend on subjective analysis and patient response, Feyenally’s objective approach ensures precision and consistency in diagnostics, setting a new standard in the field of optometry.

3. Impact on Preventive Health Care:
Eye conditions, if detected early, can be managed more effectively, preventing severe outcomes including blindness. Feyenally’s eyeTEST app facilitates early detection and ongoing monitoring of eye health, empowering individuals, especially in underserved areas, to take proactive steps towards maintaining their vision health. This preventative approach not only has the potential to reduce the burden on healthcare systems but also improves the quality of life for millions.

4. Scalability and Integration:
Feyenally is designed to be easily scalable across different regions and languages, enhancing its global impact. Furthermore, its integration capabilities allow for seamless use by healthcare providers, enabling them to access and manage patient data effectively. This integration facilitates a better continuum of care and allows for more personalized treatment plans based on accurate, up-to-date diagnostic data.

5. Innovation in Healthcare Delivery:
Feyenally’s eyeTEST app innovates not just in technology but also in healthcare delivery. By enabling users to conduct eye exams at their convenience without the need for specialized equipment or in-person visits, Feyenally is reshaping how healthcare services are delivered and consumed. This shift towards more accessible and user-centric healthcare models is particularly crucial in a post-pandemic world, where remote and digital health services have become more important than ever.

6. Commitment to Rigorous Standards and Clinical Validation:
Feyenally is committed to the highest standards of medical device compliance, pursuing FDA approval and CE marking to ensure safety and efficacy. The ongoing clinical trials and research collaborations further validate the effectiveness of the eyeTEST app, reinforcing its credibility and reliability as a medical tool.

Feyenally’s eyeTEST application represents a significant leap forward in healthcare technology, combining accessibility, precision, and user-centric design in a way that transforms eye care delivery worldwide. For its profound impact on global health, its innovative use of technology, and its potential to shape the future of healthcare, Feyenally truly deserves this award.
What makes your company stand out from the competition? / Czym wyróżnia się Twoja firma na tle konkurencji?
Revolutionizes existing industry standards / Rewolucjonizuje dotychczasowe zasady w branży
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Advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning algorithms.
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No revenue / Brak przychodów
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Accelerator / Akcelerator, Private Investors / Prywatni inwestorzy, Angel Investors, Private money / Środki prywatne, Venture Capital

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