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AI-diagnosis of rare diseases

We have developed a pioneer ground-breaking solution that revolutionise

the diagnosis and identification of RDs for clinical trials or treatment. Our solution is implemented through two platforms:

SAVENTIC MED - designed for physicians and medical clinics, platform is integrating with existing IT systems (predefined tables' format) to analyse fully anonymized clinical data. Doctors receive a risk assessment for RDs with next steps and treatment options on the used hospital’s IT systems or directly from a medical coordinator from the hospital who cooperates with our company. 

SAVENTIC CARE – designed for RD patients with health issues lasting +6 months seeking a diagnosis. Through the online platform, with a questionnaire and medical document upload feature, patients can easily provide their symptoms and receive a risk assessment for RD. High risk patients are supported by Saventics coordinator, doctors and referred to partnering clinics and specialists for further evaluation and treatment. 

The system has been tested by +60 medical experts and implemented in +25 top cooperating clinics with +8 million patients examined in our database through our 2530 AI-driven RD algorithms with data from our 2 platforms for physicians and patients. Our innovation improves accuracy and efficiency in diagnosing RDs, faster identification of high-risk patients and better treatment outcomes.


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Saventic Health
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Saventic Health, founded in 2019, is a Polish med-tech company dedicated to revolutionising the diagnosis of rare diseases (RDs) through advanced algorithms and Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools. By leveraging patient electronic medical records (EHR), including laboratory test results, radiology, and other descriptive medical data, Saventic Health aims to support doctors in making accurate and timely diagnoses. Our comprehensive portfolio boasts over 50 AI algorithms covering a wide range of medical fields such as blood and bone marrow, metabolic disorders, immune system diseases, and cardiology. We combine cutting-edge AI algorithms with implementation platforms and processes to assist doctors, patients, and medical clinics in the effective diagnosis of RD. Our goal is to shorten the RD diagnosis time from 5-6 years to 4-5 months (+10x faster than the current approaches), increase efficacy by 15-20 times compared to current solutions, reduce the cost of diagnosis and patient treatment and provide a faster access to treatment and clinical trials.
Country / Kraj
Poland / Polska
Founding year / Rok założenia
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Limited Liability Company LLC / Spółka Z O.O.
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Zdrowie / Health
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Product / Produktowa, Social / Społeczna, Technological / Technologiczna
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Global Market / Rynek światowy
Customer focus / Kluczowy odbiorcy
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Company / Firmowa, Local / Lokalny, National / Krajowy, European / Europejski, Global / Światowy
Justification for Jury / Uzasadnienie [500 words]
- REDUCED DIAGNOSTIC JOURNEY: our system revolutionises the diagnosis of RDs by reducing the diagnosis time from an average of 5-6 years to just 4-5 months, making it over 10 times faster than current methods. This enhanced speed translates into significant cost savings, improved patient outcomes, and faster access to treatments and clinical trials.
- DIAGNOSTIC ACCURACY. Our ground-breaking methodology has proven to be 15-20 times more effective than the current approach, enabling the development of new drugs quicker and cheaper, while providing faster treatment for a broader spectrum of RD patients.
- COST-EFFECTIVE AND COMPREHENSIVE. AI.D reduces diagnosis and treatment costs by streamlining the diagnostic process. Our comprehensive approach integrates AI with medical expertise and the most extensive patient database, offering unparalleled insights and reducing the misdiagnosis rate by even 90%. Additionally, our goal is to lower patient recruitment costs for clinical trials by 70%, making it a cost-effective solution for pharmaceutical and biotech companies.
- BROAD AND DEEP DATA UTILISATION. Our Saventic Care platform identifies and monitors RD patients through an online website, while the Saventic Med platform compiles and analyses all descriptive data from EHRs from hospitals for healthcare providers. By collaborating with medical clinics to structure and unify data, we create an innovative database that uncovers relationships between symptoms and diseases, adhering to local legal requirements.
- ADVANCED PREDICTIVE MODELS. The comprehensive database we build supports advanced models to predict symptoms and ensures thorough data verification. This database is crucial for creating and training algorithms that address all known RDs in the long term, providing a robust foundation for continued advancements in RD diagnosis.
- ENHANCED PATIENT ACCESS AND OUTCOMES. AI.D dramatically enhances patient access to treatments and clinical trials, boosting drug sales revenue and providing quicker therapeutic interventions. Our solution enables the screening of individual patients within seconds and the analysis of e.g. 300,000 patients within hours. Time efficiency is crucial in our plans to reduce patient dropout rates by 50%.
What makes your company stand out from the competition? / Czym wyróżnia się Twoja firma na tle konkurencji?
Revolutionizes existing industry standards / Rewolucjonizuje dotychczasowe zasady w branży
Key technologies / Kluczowe technologie
Python, java, docker
Financial standing / Sytuacja finansowa
1 000 000 - 4 900 000 EURO
What sources of financing do you use when running your company? / Z jakich Źródeł finansowania korzystasz podczas prowadzenia firmy?
Venture Capital

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