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upmedic speeds up 10x medical documentation creation

We observed the time-consuming process of creating medical documentation and decided to address this widespread issue.

Upmedic’s solution allows doctors to shorten the wait time for medical records by up to 70% using AI. By streamlining medical documentation through structured templates, it enhances efficiency for clinicians.

Our intelligent platform improves data quality and standardization, ultimately benefiting healthcare providers and patients alike.

Radiologists can generate reports 70% faster than traditional methods.

The platform’s benefits include standardized speech recognition, clinical terminologies (e.g., SNOMED CT), and easy integration with IT systems.


Company name / Nazwa firmy
pacode sp. z o.o.
Company info / Opis firmy [1 000 words]
upmedic is an intelligent web-based platform designed for creating, storing, and analyzing medical documentation. We aim to address the challenge of time-consuming, unstructured medical documentation. We provide clinicians with templates that act like to-do lists, allowing them to create high-quality medical reports containing standard phrases. The platform streamlines the process of creating structured medical documentation, ensuring standardization and data quality1.
Benefits and Functionality:
- Structured Templates: upmedic offers built-in structured report templates, including RECIST 1.1 and PI-RADS.
- Voice Commands: Clinicians can use voice commands to avoid interrupting the diagnostic process.
Speech Recognition: AI-powered speech recognition learns from templates, enabling hands-free report creation.
- Integration: upmedic integrates with popular systems like Asseco, Kamsoft, and Comarch.
Cloud-Based Data Collection: Gather medical data efficiently using cloud storage or on-site solutions1.
Country / Kraj
Poland / Polska
Founding year / Rok założenia
Team size / Wielkość zespołu
Company size / Wielkość firmy
Small company / Mała firma
Legal form / Forma prawna
Limited Liability Company LLC / Spółka Z O.O.
Company www / Strona firmowa
LinkedIn profil / LinkedIn profil
Sector / Branża
Zdrowie / Health
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Sądowa 2/11
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Contest Information

Contest Category / Kategoria Konkursu
Kind of innovation / Rodzaj innowacji
Product / Produktowa, Technological / Technologiczna, Science / Naukowa
Target market / Rynek docelowy
Global Market / Rynek światowy
Customer focus / Kluczowy odbiorcy
B2B, B2C
Reach of innovation / Zasięg innowacji
National / Krajowy, European / Europejski, Global / Światowy
Justification for Jury / Uzasadnienie [500 words]
In contrast to most medtech innovations, upmedic revolutionizes both the medical and business aspects, which means it is one of the few self-financing innovations. Evidence of this is upmedic’s presence in all major medical operators in Poland. Additionally, in the USA, we focus on standardizing medical content for doctors worldwide.
What makes your company stand out from the competition? / Czym wyróżnia się Twoja firma na tle konkurencji?
Revolutionizes existing industry standards / Rewolucjonizuje dotychczasowe zasady w branży
Key technologies / Kluczowe technologie
LLM, GenAI, Speech Recognition, Foundational Data Layer
Financial standing / Sytuacja finansowa
199 000 - 499 000 EURO
What sources of financing do you use when running your company? / Z jakich Źródeł finansowania korzystasz podczas prowadzenia firmy?
Private Investors / Prywatni inwestorzy, Private money / Środki prywatne, Venture Capital

Start-up logo, presentation video / Start-up logo, prezentacja, wideo

Who submit the application / Kto dokonuje zgłoszenia
PR Department / Dział PR
Recommending institution / Instytucja polecająca
How did you find out about the contest? / Jak dowiedziałeś się o konkursie?

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