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AI Adoption Market Gap

Summary: The innovation lies in Zenith AI’s pivot from traditional, high-cost consulting towards a model that emphasizes precise, data-backed guidance on AI adoption. This approach is more aligned with the current expectations and budget constraints of clients, addressing their immediate needs for reliable, scalable AI solutions without the upfront commitment to large-scale consulting projects. This strategic shift not only addresses the declining demand for traditional consultancy but also leverages the growing interest in AI to drive future growth and client satisfaction.

The consulting industry is undergoing a significant transformation as clients increasingly resist traditional consulting models, which often come with hefty price tags and uncertain returns. Historically, clients were willing to invest heavily in professional consultancy services, with 60% of them expecting to increase their spend in the past decade. However, this trend is shifting dramatically. A report from Source Global Research indicates that by 2024, only 32% of clients plan to increase their consulting expenditure, while a notable 56% intend to reduce it. This shift is evident in major firms like McKinsey and Company, which has been reported to allow hundreds of its senior employees paid time to seek alternative employment due to declining demand.

This changing landscape is driven by clients' growing interest in targeted, efficient solutions rather than comprehensive, costly consulting projects. Specifically, clients are now more focused on automating certain business functions using Artificial Intelligence (AI) rather than undertaking extensive organizational restructuring. They prefer to experiment with Proof of Concepts (POCs) using existing SaaS AI products to evaluate their impact on processes. This approach allows them to build confidence in AI solutions incrementally before committing to broader, more expensive changes.

The challenge for many companies, however, lies in identifying reliable AI vendors. With limited internal resources dedicated to research and due diligence, clients struggle to navigate the crowded AI market and assess the quality of available solutions. This is where Zenith AI steps in with a transformative approach to consulting and AI integration.

Zenith AI's innovation centers on providing comprehensive, data-driven insights into AI solutions and vendors. Instead of offering traditional, broad consulting services, Zenith AI helps clients make informed decisions by leveraging detailed analytics and evaluations of AI products. This targeted approach addresses the core needs of clients, enabling them to conduct smaller, manageable POCs before scaling up their AI initiatives.

By focusing on this niche, Zenith AI bridges the gap between the overwhelming number of AI products and the specific needs of clients. It ensures that companies can trust the AI solutions they implement, significantly reducing the risk and uncertainty associated with new technology adoption. This method not only meets the current market demand for more focused, cost-effective solutions but also positions Zenith AI as a leader in the evolving consulting landscape.


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Zenith AI is a one-stop shop for AI products discovery and implementation, filling the AI adoption gap in the market through its market intelligence platform. Creating the premier global AI ecosystem, we connect top-tier AI vendors with corporate clients, investors, and other stakeholders.
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Mateusz Zawistowski has over 9 years of experience in M&A, commercial, financial and banking law. He spent last 8 years at White&Case and previously worked for a “club of nine” British law firm and one of the biggest Polish law firms. Mateusz successfully advised on numerous transactions in Europe of over $15bn value, in particular in regulated sectors: telecoms, energy and financial services. He has also been involved in numerous early stage tech projects, both related to incubating start-ups, creating JV’s and launching new business lines.
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Zenith AI’s innovation stands to revolutionize the global consulting landscape and drive significant positive change in multiple dimensions:
1. Democratizing Access to AI: By offering targeted, data-driven insights into AI solutions, Zenith AI makes advanced technology accessible to companies of all sizes. This democratization allows smaller firms to compete on a more level playing field with larger corporations, fostering innovation and economic growth across diverse industries.
2. Transforming Business Efficiency: Zenith AI's phased approach to implementing AI through Proof of Concepts (POCs) enables businesses to optimize specific functions incrementally. This transformation leads to more efficient operations, cost savings, and higher productivity, which can have a profound impact on global economic performance.
3. Redefining the Consulting Industry: The shift from traditional, high-cost consulting models to agile, technology-focused solutions represents a fundamental change in the industry. This new model prioritizes measurable value and client-specific needs, setting a new standard for consulting services worldwide and encouraging other firms to innovate similarly.
4. Enhancing Decision-Making with Data: By providing comprehensive, data-driven evaluations of AI products, Zenith AI empowers companies to make informed, strategic decisions. This enhancement in decision-making processes can lead to better resource allocation, reduced risks, and more successful technology integrations on a global scale.
5. Promoting Sustainable Growth: Zenith AI’s model supports sustainable business practices by allowing companies to adopt AI in a manageable, scalable manner. This sustainability ensures that businesses can continue to grow and adapt without overextending their resources, contributing to long-term stability and resilience in the global economy.
6. Increasing Global Competitiveness: As businesses worldwide integrate AI more effectively, they become more competitive on an international stage. Zenith AI’s approach helps bridge the gap between technology availability and practical implementation, boosting global competitiveness and innovation.
7. Driving Technological Advancement: By facilitating the adoption of AI, Zenith AI accelerates technological advancement and integration in various sectors. This drive can lead to new developments and applications of AI, further propelling progress in fields like healthcare, finance, manufacturing, and beyond.

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