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inStreamly - democratising the world of live streaming

The inStreamly project brings an innovative solution to gaming marketing, offering new opportunities for brands and streamers alike. Key elements of the project's innovation include:

Market decentralisation: 

The project enables micro-influencers to monetise their passion, breaking down traditional market barriers. Activities that were time-consuming and manual for brands have been automated. This allows smaller content creators to take advantage of sponsorship opportunities that were previously reserved only for the largest creators. 

Automation and scalability:
inStreamly transforms the manual process of brands collaborating with streamers into a fast, automated and scalable collaboration. Through automation, brands save time and resources and campaign management becomes more efficient. The largest inStreamly campaign (Xbox, France 2022) involved 2206 streamers which would not have been possible without the platform. 

Contextual technology in campaigns:
inStreamly uses proprietary technology mechanisms such as voice recognition, reactions to in-game events and chat interaction to create more engaging campaigns. These mechanisms increase CTR and reach, improving the effectiveness of marketing communications. They are unique and innovative on a global scale and offer new advertising opportunities to gamers. In a recent campaign for Monte we tracked when 200 streamers say “time for a snack” and other snack-related phrases and showed Monte Snack product when it happend - things like this never done in gaming before are every day for us. :)

Economic benefits:
inStreamly generates economic benefits by increasing the efficiency of brands' marketing spend and opens up new income opportunities for streamers. The project increases the ROI of marketing campaigns and contributes to revenue growth for both brands and content creators. Average brand lift study result show an average 8-15 pp % increase in brand awareness thanks to inStreamly campaigns.


Company name / Nazwa firmy
inStreamly PSA
Company info / Opis firmy [1 000 words]
inStreamly is a startup that connects brands with creators in the metaverse. Our goal is to allow gaming creators of all sizes to earn while enabling brands to reach audiences in a meaningful way.

We started with streamlining the collaboration of top brands with the long-tail of gaming live streamers. Our technology makes it easy to work with 1,000 micro streamers instead of the 1 biggest. This way, all streamers can access offers previously reserved for the top 0.01%. And brands gain an innovative way to reach Gen Z and gamers.

On top of that, we make the brand placement immersive and contextual. Brands appear in the right moment thank to voice, chat, and content recognition. We can react to what happens in the streamed game, for example: only show a “brand for winners” when the streamer wins a game. We tie brand appearance with the “live” aspect of streaming even more.

Since 2020 we worked with over 160 clients (inc. Netflix, Samsung, Ubisoft, Disney, Porsche) that signed 350 000 deals with over 150 000 streamers.

On average, the collaborating streamers had between 20 and 70 viewers. For many, this was the first money they made from streaming. This way, the balance of power in the live streaming market is changing, with not only the biggest were benefiting from it. The biggest campaign for Xbox involved 2256 streamers, with over 2,5% CTR.

For brands, this is also a positive change. Micro-influencers have a more engaged community that appreciates that the brand supports their favourite creator. Brands, for reasons of time and cost, are not limited to working with only a dozen or so major creators. Sponsorships in the gaming space that were previously closed, manual and vague become democratized, measurable and automated.

As the metaverse grows our long term vision expands to creating a perfect media mix that brings brands into the metaverse in the most native and human way - through creators. This includes creators of metaworlds, community and content and assets.

Revenue '23: €1.9m
Markets present: Poland, Germany, France, Japan, Brazil, Turkey, Nordics, Spain, LATAM
Sample agencies and brands we work with: Pepsi, Disney, Samsung, Lidl ; Publicis, Mediacom, Havas, IPG, OMD
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Poland / Polska
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Product / Produktowa, Technological / Technologiczna
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Global Market / Rynek światowy
Customer focus / Kluczowy odbiorcy
Reach of innovation / Zasięg innowacji
Global / Światowy
Justification for Jury / Uzasadnienie [500 words]
inStreamly deserves the innovation award because we're changing the game in gaming marketing, making it beneficial for everyone from small creators to big brands. We're bringing fresh, interactive campaigns that aren't just ads but engaging experiences. With us, brands can reach young people where they spend most of their time – in gaming.

Our platform allows micro-streamers to make money from their passion, which was previously reserved only for the biggest names. We're creating a space where every streamer can collaborate with global brands and monetize their work regardless of their viewer count. This is a true revolution – we're democratizing the market so that everyone has equal opportunities.

What sets us apart is our advanced contextual technology. Our platform dynamically reacts to in-game events, streamer comments, and chat interactions, making advertisements more engaging and relevant. This innovation ensures that brand messages are naturally integrated into the streaming experience, enhancing effectiveness and viewer engagement.
Every day, we create campaigns that have never been done before anywhere in the world – we're the first and only ones doing it.

We're operating globally, supporting over 150,000 streamers across 15 different markets. Our team is made up of passionate and experienced individuals who know how the industry works and how to transform it. We're not just a tech startup – we're a group of enthusiasts who want to change the world of marketing and gaming for the better.

inStreamly is more than just a tool – it's a new marketing philosophy. We believe advertising should be engaging and authentic. Our innovative approach shows that you can combine business with passion, creating something that has a real impact on streamer communities and brands worldwide. That's why we deserve this award – for breaking barriers, our commitment, and revolutionizing the market.
What makes your company stand out from the competition? / Czym wyróżnia się Twoja firma na tle konkurencji?
Revolutionizes existing industry standards / Rewolucjonizuje dotychczasowe zasady w branży
Financial standing / Sytuacja finansowa
1 000 000 - 4 900 000 EURO
What sources of financing do you use when running your company? / Z jakich Źródeł finansowania korzystasz podczas prowadzenia firmy?
Accelerator / Akcelerator, Private Investors / Prywatni inwestorzy, Angel Investors, Venture Capital

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Innovations Hub
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