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Women's Talent Bank

We are an impact start-up that supports women in conscious career building aligned with their needs. Our goal is to level the playing field for women in the labor market by creating an innovative tool – a far-reaching online platform (and soon mobile app) that offers access to multiple services: tips on preparing for a job search, language tests, information about labor market, salary, preparation for the recruitment process or available job offers. In Talenti we use reverse recruitment – instead of submitting resumes to employers, candidates first complete a survey to indicate their skills, positions etc., then we send the available development materials (webinars, events’ invitations) and job offers that best match their needs and skillset, offering expert advice and feedback.

We have an AI tool – AI career assistant – ZOE. ZOE harnesses AI to empower women with personalized career guidance. Through the OpenAI API, it analyzes user data from Talenti, tailoring recommendations to individuals. Users engage via career-related inquiries. The MVP is available for Polish speakers and focuses on ensuring a seamless UX by continuously improving through feedback. The next priorities are to onboard English speakers and use the newest generation of GPT. ZOE operates on the Google Cloud, ensuring scalability and reliability; is integrated into the Talenti website powered by WordPress, which facilitates integration for user accessibility; and utilizes Google Sheets for storing data. As ZOE evolves, it aims to enhance inclusivity, continuously refining its capabilities to better serve candidates worldwide by also processing conclusions from conversations. As a socially conscious tool, ZOE strives to bridge gender disparities in career advancement, fostering a more equitable landscape.

We are the first digitized community of women in Poland to use AI to consciously build careers and reduce inequality in the labor market. We see a huge opportunity in the development of new technologies that can help discriminated communities gain a competitive advantage in the labor market.


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Talenti sp. z o.o.
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Talenti is a platform tackling the gender gap in the workplace. We provide women with the resources and guidance they need to thrive. Through our comprehensive online platform, women gain access to: job search tips and preparation, learn how to craft a stellar resume, ace interviews, and manage further professional development. We have developed an AI tool – a career assistant available on the platform – AI Career Assistant (ZOE).
Taking advantage of reverse recruitment we are responding to the constant need of employers to expand the talent pool with the best-fit female job candidates, supporting equal opportunities for women in the labour market. Contributing through this to the Sustainable Development Goals and ESG targets.

Talenti is more than just a platform, it's a movement. We're committed to changing the recruitment landscape by testing innovative approaches that prioritize equal opportunity for all.
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Poland / Polska
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Limited Liability Company LLC / Spółka Z O.O.
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ul. Zamknięta 10 /1.5
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Social / Społeczna
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Continental Market / Rynek kontynentalny
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National / Krajowy, European / Europejski
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63% of the largest companies in Poland are managed by 100% men (McKinsey Report). Only 45% of women and as many as 92% of men are convinced that the labour market is friendly and accessible to women (source). Women do not apply for a position until they meet 100% of expectations (source). Companies with gender-diverse teams are 25% more profitable (McKinsey Report). Increasing female labour force participation by 2025 could raise GDP by additional 7% = 1.3 trillion PLN (McKinsey Report). There is a need to equalize opportunities for women in the labor market, regardless of age, education, background.

Our solution is to create the most recognisable and useful career support tool for women. Effective, mobile, tailored to the needs and stage of the career, supporting precisely, in those areas where it is needed by the user. Available in different languages (PL, ENG for start) and countries and based on the latest technologies, accessible online. Access to the community of women who we accompany through months and years of career development gives us the opportunity to uniquely and even more precisely connect female candidates with employers. And thus responding to the needs of employers both in terms of recruitment needs and expanding the talent pool to include women, especially in new technologies. In this way, we can level the playing field for women on the labour market and, at the same time, respond to the needs of the labour market both in Poland and other European countries (and beyond).

Women are 1.5 times more likely than men to need to change careers due to the development of artificial intelligence (McKinsey Global Institute). That's why, using artificial intelligence in the form of ZOE – Career Assistant AI – we are familiarizing women with interaction and using new technologies for professional development. So that they can turn potential risks into their strength.

This prize is a great opportunity to strengthen our social impact by showing the world that the solution we're working on is ambitious, but it's what it needs to be to make a difference for women in the professional arena.
What makes your company stand out from the competition? / Czym wyróżnia się Twoja firma na tle konkurencji?
Revolutionizes existing industry standards / Rewolucjonizuje dotychczasowe zasady w branży
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web application, AI
Financial standing / Sytuacja finansowa
50 000 - 199 000 EURO
What sources of financing do you use when running your company? / Z jakich Źródeł finansowania korzystasz podczas prowadzenia firmy?
Accelerator / Akcelerator, Others / Inne

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